Let’s Celebrate National Soapmaking Day on September 25th! National Soapmaking Day was created in 2017 by  Kerri Mixon, a soapmaking instructor, as a day to celebrate the joy and creativity of soapmaking. Creating handcrafted soaps is truly a beautiful art form that has been practiced for centuries. Soapmaking is especially near and dear to us as it allows our team members to practice creativity through their work each day. The ability of an artisan to blend together colors, fragrances, and clays to make a product is truly magical.    With that magic in mind, we at Adams Handmade Soap would like to take a moment to say thank you to you - the customer, for your unyielding loyalty as we have navigated a few changes. We also want to share our love of soapmaking with you, so please take some time to explore our page to learn more about:   *Our favorite fall scents  *New icons to help with soap selection  *All the little things that make Adams Handmade Soap your premier supplier of handcrafted personal care products!    We hope you enjoy National Soapmaking Day and partner with Adams Handmade Soap to fulfill all of your creative soap (and other bath and body) pursuits!

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