Bath Bombs

Wholesale Bath Bombs now available. We will continue to add these in the coming weeks and add new categories with special ingredients in hopes to make some of the most unique bath bombs in the industry.  Enjoy the product, enjoy the profit!

-We never compromise on quality! The same is true here - our Bath Bombs only use the highest quality oils. Many including Avocado and Abyssinian Oils!
-Our Bath Bombs are larger - Consistently offering more value for your money. (Final Weight TBD)
-Variety of Ingredients: We use a diverse range of ingredients to make each experience with one of our Bath Bombs a memorable one. 
-All Natural Selection: For those of you who want to stick with All Natural products- we have a whole category of All Natural Bath Bombs featuring Essential Oils and other Natural Ingredients. Many Bath Bombs will also be made with Natural Colors!