Ingredients and label updates, and more...

Supply chain issues have been challenging this year, to say the least. We've been hard at work trying to keep stock and make adjustments. Some vegetable oils have risen 3x and others only 50%. Some essential oils have been even worse. The good news is that we've acquired some new suppliers in the process which helps us to serve you with lower prices and higher quality oils and additives. 

This leads us to the first point: Ingredient updates. Due to the cost of vegetable oils elevating dramatically, we found new great sources for Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Shea Butter. If you are unaware of why fair trade, organic and sustainable products are better, we highly recommend researching. Consumers demanding proper treatment of workforce, care of the earth and sustainability, more than ever.  Also, on a practical level, the pricing is very close to what we were paying for conventional oils so this will not affect pricing for our resellers. However, because of this, we will be changing our listed ingredients on our website and on generic labels. We also have decided to list our ingredients differently to be similar to many other less complicated listings. 

An example listing will be: 

"Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Olive, Organic Palm**, Organic Coconut*, Organic Shea Butter*), Peppermint Essential Oil, Peppermint Leaves. *Fair Trade Ingredient **Fair Trade and Sustainable- Palm Done Right." 

This will have a more friendly appeal to those who do not understand that sodium hydroxide and water are a part of soap making and eliminates the need for chemical names for saponified fatty acids. Note: this change is not required, it is our suggestion and how we will begin listing. 

Change for Organic labels: Unfortunately due to a warning letter of one of the states in our country, and us becoming aware of compliance issues around the country, our "generic labels" will now need to have a "manufactured by... our name and address" notation on the product and the weight of the product. To be accurate in representation we will place the minimum weight on the product. 

Other updates: we will soon be eliminating "generic labels" and making available "soap boxes" . We will offer a similar "generic label" for these soap boxes.

New partnerships we've obtained over the last quarter are: Organic Trade Association and Palm Done Right. If you'd like to use the Palm Done Right Logo on your website, feel free to contact us or Palm Done Right directly and mention who you get the product from to get permission.

We are working hard to stock up products so we can have a reasonably smooth holiday season. Our hope is to serve you the best we can with as few delays as possible. 

That's all  for now. Thanks for your trust and support.


Maureen Jarrait-Turner

Date 9/27/2022

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Date 4/6/2023

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Date 8/10/2023

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