Soap Oils
-What are the best oils for soap?
We are biased in answering this question since we use the oils we use because we think they make a great soap. First things first, any soap with coconut oil and/or palm kernel oil in the top two oils will probably lather very well, but will be harsh and irritating. Sure, it will be a very hard bar, but who cares if your or (even worse) your customer's skin is left raw and the product is deemed "undesirable". Olive, sunflower, or similar "liquid oil" should be one of the top two oils. Palm is ok too, but if it is "Palm, Coconut..." that means that palm and coconut are the major oils and this is not good if you have sensitive skin (majority of population). So, we usually make the perfect blend of hard oils for lather, soft oils for sensitivity and softening effect, and usually shea butter for that "extra something". Aloe and other botanicals help for those in need of a "bonus". Many soapers have turned to exotic oils that sound really cool, but in the end have little benefit considering the cost of the oil. It would be better to use these directly on the skin then in soap.

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