Selling Questions

Q: Where Can I sell your soaps?
A: Anywhere that allows you to sell products, including flea markets, farmers markets, craft shows, retail shops, etc.

Q: Can I sell your soaps online?
A: Yes. However, we do not recommend ONLY selling our soaps online unless it is just a hobby or small part time income for you. We recommend selling our soaps locally and creating a reasonable website for your company. Internet sales on the retail level will only compliment your business. Sure, some people are doing well with only online sales. This is not the normal scenario, however, despite what the "Get rich quick" pushers want you to believe. Many have been duped into thinking they can throw a website online in a day and people will come in herds. The reality is that the average conversion rate is only 1-2%, which means only 2 people out of 100 that visit your website will actually buy something if your product is priced right. This conversion rate is an "average" so, your conversion rate may be higher or lower and also depends on how you market your website. Sure, you will have return customers, but this all takes time to build up. The point is, an online business is like every other business, it takes a lot of work and if you are unwilling to work hard day after day... year after year... it won't make money for you which is the whole point of an online business, right?

Q: Can I sell on online auctions?
A: Yes, but it is not recommended selling on "pay by listing" types of auctions, with some exceptions. In the end, someone might find a way to make some money on these auctions, but there are a lot of listings better than auctions. Example: and other craft types of websites may serve you best. Use your creativity. "The 'tried and true path is only the starting place in business."

Q: Can I mark up your soaps and resell them (wholesale) to local stores?
A: YES. Our soaps can be sold and resold and resold. This is completely up to you. All we ask is that you NOT ever state or imply that you are representing our company and that you not be deceptive in your sales, which is our general rule for all of our resellers.

Q: Can I mark your soaps up and sell them to Hotels?
A: YES. However, many hotels (the larger corporate ones) are not interested in handmade products. They usually purchase soap for pennies from other large corporate companies. Bed and Breakfasts, Small family owned specialty inns, and similar may be more interested in "pampering their guests" with a unique product.

Q: How much should I sell your soap for? Any tips for resale?
A: This is completely up to you. However, we do not recommend reselling for less than a 50% markup. This will not serve you well unless you are reselling in volumes that can make you enough money. Let's say you want to make about $100 in a day. If you sell soap for $5 a bar you make approx $3/bar when all is said and done. So, you need 30-40 buyers to make a decent day of it. If you set out a sign that says $5 per bar, you may have limited your customer base drastically in flea market/farmers market settings. We have two other ideas.

Idea #1) Set up two tables, one with smaller soaps and one with larger soaps. Have a decent selection of each. Sell the smaller ones for "X" (smaller "eye catching") amount and post a larger sign in front of your booth for this amount. You will draw more people. Then, when they come, many people will think, "but it will be a better value to purchase the larger bar" if you have priced your product right. The classic "bait" technique of drawing attention to your product. There are other ways to "bait", this is just a starter... Note: We do NOT recommend giving away product for free as a bait technique (unless you are an experienced sales person who has had success with this). You have to limit your customer audience to those who are willing to pay something or you are wasting your time and resources.

Idea #2) Much simpler technique: simply sell your soaps in sets... 3 for $10 or 5 for $20. This way you are not selling just one bar of soap to 30 or 40 customers, you now only need about 20 customers who are willing to buy this qty.  We have found that this, in combination with other tools, is the best way to make more on each customer especially at market type stands where customers want to get a "best value" for their money.