What is Natural Soap?
Natural Soap is defined many ways by many different companies/individuals. We differentiate our soaps as "all natural" when they contain no synthetic (man-made) materials. Example: most soaps contain "fragrance" which is a synthetic/man-made chemical. However, Essential Oils are the natural version of fragrance, in that, they are highly aromatic fluids taken from nature (plant leaf, flower petals, tree bark, etc.). We try to stay as natural as possible even when synthetic fragrances are used. For example, even though we add synthetic fragrances to the soap doesn't mean that we throw in a bunch of preservatives and dyes as well . We still try to use herbs/clays first, and if we cannot achieve a satisfactory color with these, we use water based pigments.

In the end one soap may be a bit more or less natural than another soap, and for each person it may be more the question of the larger (or smaller) ingredients and especially the processing (soap making method) that is real teller of the quality.

Handmade Soap

This is a term used to suggest the soap is processed by hand, usually in small batches. Handmade soap is not necessarily "all natural" (by our definition). Some companies may use this term loosely and may simply use "melt and pour soap" (commonly called glycerin soap) and call it handmade soap because they mixed a bit of color and fragrance into it by hand. All of our soap is truly handmade from scratch and we NEVER use melt and pour soap in any element of our soap making process.

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