Low Price Guarantee:

Our low price (price match) guarantee criteria:

  1. The Product Must Be Real Soap
  2. The product must be handmade from raw ingredients (not melt and pour)
  3. The product must be made in the USA.
  4. The product must not be specially priced, rather a regular "everyday price". 
  5. The product price must be based on similar quantities. (ex: comparing a 100 bar price of our soap to a 100 bar price of our competitor's soap) and any other comparable attributes such as "free shipping", reward discounts, etc.
  6. The product must consist of high quality ingredients comparable to the ingredients we use in our soaps. Also included are factors such as "essential oil content" or "fragrance content".  We will analyze the comparable price point for the competitor's price based on the price of their raw ingredients.  In the case that our product is simply superior to our competitor's product and our price is therefore better, we will give a point by point analysis of why our product is not comparible and/or what adjustments we can make to our price based upon this analysis. 

Summary: Though our prices are already very very low, we will make a reasonable effort to lower our price to your satisfaction if sufficient proof is submitted to us that our competition is lower.


We reserve the right to: 

Refuse any suspicious or fraudulant data submitted

Refuse business with anyone who attempts to submit fraudulent data

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