About Us

Adams Handmade Soap

We are a small, privately owned company, located Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

Our View of Product Quality and Value

If you are a reseller of our products, like 99% of our customers, you know that the lower the price is of our product, the more flexibility you have to make more profits or be more competitive.  But what keeps your customers coming back?  Quality and value!  Your customer purchases product because they received a high quality product for a great price which makes a great value for them and they'll be back for more!

Our company is dedicated to finding the best combinations of ingredients and developing products that not only are attractive, but have true benefits to the consumer at the absolutely lowest price possible.  After all, that's what a good business is all about!

Our View of the Customer

We are in business for you, the customers, and we only benefit financially, as a business, if we serve you well.  Therefore, we want you (the customer) to be satisfied with our products, and we will try our hardest to make you satisfied. If you have a reasonable complaint, contact us, we welcome your feedback.

Our View of the Family

Our company is a private, family owned, company who believes that family is more important than financial gain.  So many businesses today pretend to care about family, but then require employees to work 70 hours a week or more!  Though this is sometimes necessary, this should not be the normal expectation.  We create a family friendly environment, the way we think it should be.  After all, you are working to provide financially for your family, shouldn't you be able to provide your time to them too? 

Our View of the Environment

Our planet is important to us and we believe that humans are to make a reasonable effort to take care of the planet. Though we would not consider ourselves "environmentalists",  or at least the alarmist type, we make reasonable efforts to be environmentally responsible.   We will not follow every environmentalist conclusion, since it is evident that many facts, especially this decade, have been twisted or exaggerated out of a "movement mentality".  We do investigate reasonable claims, to determine credibility, and if we determine a change is needed, we make that change.  Unfortunately, many people in the "environmentalist movement" have become bitter toward capitalism caused by the false conclusion that industry is the enemy of the earth.  We do not accept this conclusion and this is why we do not desire to be called "environmentalists" in this sense.   

Our conclusion: It is the responsibility of each individual business to care for the planet.  We recognize and accept that responsibility and will do our part to take necessary actions when actions are warranted.


Our Company

Our company first began as a general "internet marketing company" but after selling one of our first marketing products (handmade soap) we were hooked.  After much research and thousands of hours of time, we came up with one of our first formulas.  Shortly after we created our first website selling soap.  Since then, we have created a number of websites targeting different customers in order to know our customers better.

Thanks for shopping with us!