About Us

Adams Handmade Soap

We are a small, privately owned company, located in Dunn North Carolina.

Our View of Product Quality and Value
Here at Adams Handmade soap, we understand that in order for products to be marketable, they have to employ two key principles: Quality and Value.

Our company is dedicated to finding the best ingredients to create top-quality products. At the same time, we strive to offer them at a price where they are competitive and provide flexibility for both the reseller and the consumer.

Our View of the Customer and Family

Adams Handmade Soap is a private, family owned company who believes that family is the heart of all we do. When we first started doing business, every employee here was family. However, as we have grown and brought in new people from different walks of life, we realize that family is more than just those you are related to; it is what you make it. We consider every member and employee here to be family and we treat them as such.

 At the same time, we realize we can't operate without the unwavering support of our customer base. You are our family as well. That being said, we make it our goal to give you the best service possible. If you have a question, we would happy to answer it. If you have an incorrect or damaged product, we will do what we can to help. If you simply have what you think would be valuable feedback, please let us know. We grow stronger and better when we work together!

Our View of the Environment

Our planet is important to us and we believe that humans are to make a reasonable effort to take care of the planet. If ever a controversy arises regarding our products, we will investigate the claims and, if deemed legitimate, make appropriate changes.  

We believe that it is the responsibility of each individual person and business to care for the planet.  We recognize and accept that responsibility. 

Our Company

Our company first began as a general "internet marketing company" but after selling one of our first marketing products (handmade soap) we were hooked.  After much research and thousands of hours of time, we came up with one of our first formulas.  Shortly after we created our first website selling soap.  Since then, we have created a number of websites targeting different customers in order to know our customers better.