Adams Handmade Soap is proud to offer the highest quality bath, body, and skin care products at competitive wholesale prices.  Additionally, we have added several discounts and methods for additional savings.

Loyalty Rewards (Points) Program:
Adams Handmade Soap operates a Loyalty Rewards Program that automatically assigns each customer to a specific discount tier based on the total amount ordered over the past 90 calendar days. No action is required by the customer and each order is automatically added to the rolling 90-day total. Once an order has aged past 90 days, it will be removed from the total. The current rewards points total applies a discount to most items automatically at checkout. See the infographic below for details on the tiers and discounts available! 

To check on your current balance, click on My Account in the top header and scroll down to My Rewards.

Product Quantity Discount:
Many of our products listing include a series of increasing discounts based on the number of units ordered. Details about these discounts can be found by clicking on the "Quantity Pricing" on each product page. This link is only visible to approved wholesale customers while logged in to their account.

Soap Loaf Aggregate (Mix and Match) Discount:
Adams Handmade Soap is pleased to offer a comprehensive discount model for our very popular soap loaves. While the Product Quantity Discounts listed above apply to each individual product, this discount is applied automatically when the aggregate (Mix and Match) of total soap loaves meets or exceeds several thresholds. The major advantage of this discount is that the customer can mix and match soap loaves of different varieties and still take advantage of volume savings. We offer six ranges with increasing discounts associated with each.

18 to 35 loaves = $0.50 off per loaf
36 to 107 loaves = $1.00 off per loaf
108 to 323 loaves = $1.50 off per loaf
324 to 971 loaves = $2.00 of per loaf
972 to 2915 loaves = $2.50 off per loaf
2916 or more loaves = $3.00 off per loaf

Please note that this discount does not apply to custom, made-to-order, or out-of-season soap loaves and is limited to standard in-season soap loaves only. 
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