Adams Handmade Soap is proud to offer multiple cutting options for soap loaves to meet your needs and expectations. 

Textured and Smooth Top Options 
Textured top is the most popular option and the default option when purchasing soap loaves. It is highlighted by a rustic texture on the top of the loaf that is a natural result of being a handmade product. The top of the loaf will vary in height slightly but has much more visual interest and personality. We also offer a Smoothed Top option for our customers who prefer a more uniform soap loaf. By selecting the Smoothed Top option, we will trim down the top layer to create a smooth top with more uniform dimensions. 

Soap Loaf Cutting Options
In addition to the top cutting styles mentioned above, we also offer several bar cutting options to save you the time and hassle of cutting your loaves down into individual bars. We offer a 1" thick cut that yields 10 bars per loaf, a 7/8" thick cut that yields 11 to 12 bars, and a 3/4 in thick that yields 12-13 bars per loaf, and a 1/2" thick options that yields 19-20 bars per loaf. We also offer uncut soap loaves. Any of the available cutting widths can be selected with both the Textured and Smoothed Top options mentioned above. When ordering cut loaves, thin end pieces may be included with your loaf.

Petite Loaves
Petite loaves are a standard loaf that has been cut lengthwise to create a smaller half loaf. These are commonly cut into small guest bars for hospitality, gifts, and favors. We offer a 1/2" thick cut that yields 40 total petite guest bars per loaf.

Dimensions and Weights:
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