Petite Size Soap

Our all new petite soap loaves are the "smaller soap loaves" , basically half the size of our regular soap loaves. Weighing in at approx 1.5 lbs, these loaves have a lot of options to choose (yes we can do the cutting work for you).  Petite Loaves DIY (Do it yourself) wrapping options for those who would like the soap loaves uncut or cut into bars but no wrapping included, or labels "on the side". For full wrapping options choose the "Bars with wrapping options".  
This is how petites can be cut:
- 10 - 1" bars (approx 2.3 oz each) 
- 13 - 3/4" bars (approx 1.8 oz each) 
- 20 -1/2" bars (approx 1.2 oz each) 
- 25 - 3/8" bars (approx .95 oz each)