Organic Soap (85% Organic Ingredients)

Natural Handmade Soap with Organic Ingredients (85%)... the latest addition to our family of handmade soaps.  These all natural soaps are made with organic oils including: organic palm, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic sunflower oil.  Some of the soaps may also include other organic oils like organic shea butter or others.   After our base oils, we add natural essential oils (natural fragrances) to give the soaps a wonderful natural aroma and natural herbs and clays for color.

Note: Though we use 85% certified organic ingredients, if you are labeling these soaps yourself, you cannot place the "USDA Certified Organic" logo on the label (though they have certified the agriculture ingredients).  The USDA has determined that it must inspect not just the growers, but those who use the organic products in their formulas (as if soap can be "organic" anyway. It is humorous to note that the FDA has even modified it's definition just to include soap in it's classification.) This may seem ludicrous that the department of agriculture would have jurisdiction over a soap maker, but "it is what it is".  As is, you can claim that the soap contains "85% organic ingredients" which is, in the end, is the approximate amount that other "certified" cosmetic companies are required to contain, to boast the seal.