What's New at Adams Handmade Soap!

Here's what's new at Adams Handmade Soap!


New Lip Balms!

We are introducing some new flavor options to our lip balm lineup as well as reintroducing newly reformulated versions of some of your favorites. New and reformulated flavors are Apple Cider, Autumn Pear, Banana, Wild Berry, Blueberry, and Grape.


New Soaps!

Hidden Gorge is a complex blend of sharp mountain air, earthy patchouli, amber musk, with a touch of sweet spice, tobacco and vanilla.  This eye catching soap brings together a scent blend that is perfect for everyone.

Founders blends notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and incense with touches of a sweet pipe and bourbon.


New Liquid Soap Scents

We are excited to introduce a new round of sixteen more liquid soap scents! As always we try to have a variety of natural essential oils, certified natural fragrances, and fragrance oils. We hope you enjoy these new scents.

Allure  :  Boardwalk  :  Clean Cotton  :  Coconut  :  Cotton Candy. :  Cucumelon. :  Eucalyptus Lime. :  Granny Smith Apple. :  Lilac. :  Lovespell. :  Ocean Breeze. :  Patchouli Lavender. :  Raspberry Rush. :  Rosemary Peppermint. :  Sugar Plum Fairies. :  White Tea and Ginger



New Aggregate Pricing


We received many questions over the last few weeks on our pricing and especially the Mix and Match discount.  So here is a quick glance at how our discounts work so you can get the best price.

First, Mix and Match aggregate discount looks at the total number of stocked loaves ordered.  It is important to note that our custom builder soap batches are NOT added to the aggregate discount at this time.  The total savings will show up in your cart as a specific discount showing you how much is earned off. For reference here is the breakdown of the different tiers.  

18 to 35 loaves = $0.50 off per loaf

36 to 107 loaves = $1.00 off per loaf

108 to 323 loaves = $1.50 off per loaf

324 to 971 loaves = $2.00 of per loaf

972 to 2915 loaves = $2.50 off per loaf

2916 or more loaves = $3.00 off per loaf

The second way is by the quantity discount on specific products.  For soap loaves this discount starts at 36 loaves.  
Example: mixed soap order of 40 loaves will get $1.00 off per loaf along with the loyalty tier percentage discount.  In total the savings for this order could be up to $2.60 per loaf along with free shipping.
Discrete Pricing

Recently we changed our wholesale website to only allow pricing of products to be displayed to verified wholesale customers while logged in to their wholesale account. We have done this to reinforce our commitment to supporting wholesale customers and resellers and not making our products and unnecessary product info available to the general public. Please log in to your account to see all product pricing and quantity discounts. As always, please feel free to email our Customer Care Team at [email protected] if you have any questions. 


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