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Wholesale Soap (A-Z)

Wholesale Soap: A-Z
Each soap in list is set-up as a "category". Click any soap title below to see sizes/styles/products available for specific soap. For a description of sizes/styles click here.

"Best Sellers": Notation is general popularity. Use your best judgement on your demographic and seasonal observation. In other words, we will not and cannot guarantee these will be YOUR best sellers in your location to your customers, rather a note of our best sellers. Many of our customers have "niche" stores that appeal much more to a small group of individuals with specific tastes, best sellers will be more "broad appeal"... use your best judgement.

"New" Notation is a recently (last three months) added product for those who want to keep up with our newly added products.
Acai Papaya Soap
African Musk Goat Milk Soap
Aloe Calendula All Natural Soap
Angel Soap ***New***
Antique Sandalwood Soap
Apricot Freesia ***New***
Autumn Apples Soap
Banana Berry Almond Soap
Bay Rum All Natural Soap
Bay Rum FUSION Soap
Bergamot Bliss Organic Soap
Black Currant Vanilla All Natural Soap
Black Licorice All Natural Soap
Blueberry Muffin Soap
Brown Sugar Fig Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller***
Brown Sugar & Lemongrass FUSION Soap
Burnt Orange Patchouli All Natural Soap
Cedarwood Sage All Natural Soap
Champaka Soap
Chamomile Neroli All Natural Soap
Chamomile Neroli All Natural Soap- Organic Formula
Chocolate Cinnamon Soap Organic
Cherry Almond Soap ***Best Seller***
CinnaBee All Natural Soap with Beeswax
Cinnamon Almond All Natural Soap- Organic Formula
Citron Honey Coriander Soap ***NEW****
Citrus Cedar Sage All Natural Soap ***Best Seller***
Clean Cotton Soap ***Best Seller***
Coconut Soap
Cool Citrus Herb All Natural Soap
Cranberry Fig Soap
Cranbleberry Soap
Cranberry Vanilla Peach Soap
Creme Brulee Soap
Cucumelon Soap ***Best Seller***
Cypress and Berries Soap
Dragon's Blood All Natural Soap
Eucalyptus Hemp & Tea Tree
Eucalyptus Lemon - Organic Formula
Eucalyptus Marjoram - Organic Formula
Eucalyptus Spearmint All Natural Soap
Evergreen Lavender All Natural Soap ***Seasonal Best Seller***
Fir Needle All Natural Soap- Organic Formula
Florida Sunrise All Natural Soap- Organic Formula ***Best Seller***
Frank and Myrrh (Nearly Natural)
Frank & Myrrh Soap All Natural
Fresh Brewed Coffee Goat Milk Soap
Fresh Ginger Lime All Natural Soap- Organic Formula ***Best Seller***
Gardenia Soap
Ginger Coconut Almond All Natural Soap
Granny Smith Apple ***New***
Grapefruit Geranium All Natural Soap
Grapefruit Margarita All Natural Soap ***Best Seller***
Green Clover Field Soap ***Best Seller***
Honey Almond All Natural Soap
Honeysuckle and Sugar Soap
Honeysuckle Soap
Jamaican Fruit Soap
Jasmine Plumeria Soap
Juniper Citron All Natural Soap ***NEW***
Key Lime All Natural Soap
Key Lime Sublime Fusion Soap
Kiwi Mango Fig All Natural Soap ***NEW***
Lavender All Natural Soap - Purple ***Best Seller***
Lavender All Natural Soap with Flowers ***Best Seller***
Lavender All Natural Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller*** with Oatmeal
Lavender FUSION Soap
Lavender Lemongrass All Natural Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller***
Lavender Lemongrass FUSION Soap ***NEW***
Lavender Orange Natural Soap ***NEW***
Leaf and Clove Soap
Lemongrass All Natural Soap ***Best Seller***
Lilac and Lilies Soap
Lilac Soap
Lovespell ***Best Seller***
Mango Soap ***Best Seller***
Mango Mania All Natural Soap
Mango Papaya Soap
May Chang All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Melon Mango Sugar Soap
Merry Mistletoe (AKA Spruce and Cranberry) Handmade Soap
Midnight Jasmine Soap
Mint Chocolate Swirl All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Monkey Farts Soap ***Best Seller***
Mountain Air All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Nature Walk All Natural Soap
Oatmeal Milk and Honey Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller*** ***NEW***
Ocean Breeze Soap ***Best Seller***
Ocean Reef Soap
Orange Hibiscus All Natural Soap
Orange Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap ***NEW***
Orange Spice Tea All Natural Soap
Orange Vanilla All Natural Soap
Patchouli All Natural Soap ***Best Seller***
Patchouli Vanilla Hemp All Natural Soap
Patchouli Lavender All Natural Goat Milk Soap ***NEW***
Patchouli Sandalwood FUSION Soap ***NEW***
Pear and Berry Soap
Pear and Redwood Goat Milk Soap
Peppermint All Natural Soap ***Best Seller***
Peppermint FUSION Soap
Peppermint Tea Tree All Natural ***Best Seller*** Organic Formula
Pina Colada Soap
Pink Sugar Soap
Pixie Dust Soap***NEW***
Pomegranate Pear ***Best Seller***
Pumpkin Crunch Crake ***Seasonal ***
Plumeria Goat Milk Soap
Raspberry Lemonade Soap
Raspberry Rush Soap
Rhassoul Aloe All Natural Soap
Root Beer Float Soap
Rosemary All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Rosemary Frank and Mint All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Rosewood All Natural Soap
Ruby Red Grapefruit Soap ***NEW***
Sandalwood Incense All Natural Soap
Sandalwood Vanilla Soap ***Best Seller***
Spearmint All Natural Soap
Spearmint Orange Goat Milk Soap
Spiced Cake Soap
Spiced Cranberry ***Seasonal***
Spruce and Cranberry (AKA Merry Mistletoe) Soap ***Best Seller***
Strawberry Shortcake Soap
Super Shea All Natural Soap ***Best Seller***
Sweet Dreams All Natural Soap
Sweet Pea Soap
Sweet Roses Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller***
Tea Tree All Natural Soap
Tobacco Flower Soap ***Best Seller***
Unscented Castile All Natural Goat Milk Soap
Unscented Oatmeal All Natural Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller***
Vanilla Oatmeal Soap ***Best Seller***
Vanilla Mocha All Natural Soap
Vanilla Silk Goat Milk Soap ***Best Seller***
Vanilla Sugar Goat Milk Soap
White Tea & Ginger Soap ***NEW***
Wildflowers Soap
Woodberry Goat Milk Soap
Wood & Clove All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Ylang Ylang Orange All Natural Soap - Organic Formula
Zen Forest Goat Milk Soap ***NEW***
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