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All natural essential oils and natural essential oil blends that we use in our soaps. Now you can make that matching product that you have been hoping to offer along side our soaps using the same essential oils, natural essential oils blends, and/or natural raw materials. This is our "all natural selection", for our popular fragrances (man made/synthetic), please see our "wholesale fragrances" page.
IMPORTANT: Please read all warnings associated with the use of essential oils. There is much information available online as well as books concerning essential oils. These are extremely concentrated and to be used with caution. If applying to skin they MUST be diluted to a much lesser concentration using vegetable oil or product that can accept oil based additive. Even after diluted, caution still must be exercised. (Most Essential oils may only be diluted in oils or oil based product with limited water content, and used at the customer's own risk)
PLEASE NOTE: Fragrances, Essential Oils, and Essential Oil Blends ship to the 48 Contiguous States ONLY via Ground Shipment!
This page is in development, we will be adding new essential oils regularly.
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