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Natural Fragrance

Natural Fragrance
When we utilize essential oils, we often list them separately. However sometimes we wish to utilize essential oils and other natural raw materials to make our natural essential oil blends, and due to the vast efforts we take in blending these various combinations, we do not wish to disclose every ingredient. Our way of listing these natural essential oil blends (the FDA approving way) is calling them "(Natural) Fragrance" since this informs the consumer that it is indeed of natural origin. The FDA requires that, if we do not list essential oils separately, we must call it "fragrance". We will always mark "Natural" when it is natural, so that the consumer understands that the "fragrance" is indeed of natural origin not to be confused with the synthetic fragrances.
What do we call "natural"? Natural is something that is derived from nature. So if a certain part of a plant, herb, etc.  can be used to make an oil (essential oil) we would call it natural. If we could somehow isolate a part of the essential oil, without messing around with some weird genetic modification or similar, we would still call it natural, since we are simply extracting something from something natural. Natural raw materials, that are not technically "essential oils" can, and have been, used for a long time to make wonderful aromas. There are some that say that "only essential oils are natural" but this is simply wrong, but we do sympathize with this opinion since we held this opinion in the past. However, we have learned that there are both man made (synthetic) fragrances and there are natural fragrances made from (usually) a combination of essential oils and other "natural raw materials". These "natural fragrances" could include herbal infusions, tinctures, isolated parts of essential oils, etc. For "therapeutic purposes" this may not be the best option, but in soap, this is a great option for individuals who want natural, but aren't looking for all the other benefits of "x" essential oil and the hefty price that some of these oils can cost. So in the end, if it is simply the "scent" that somebody is looking for, and they want all natural, this really is a great alternative.

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